House in Tamatsu

A house rising in Osaka, Japan on a small plot of only 43 sqm in an area in which there are houses, factories and office buildings without harmony. Here is a family house. The house was designed to the clients who have two children. The result is the house which get natural light, reflecting lightness because of the features and different from the neighbourhood. In the inner design, it is estimated that simplicity anf functionality is needed.

Because the clients wanted so, the bedroom and the bathroom is downstairs while children roooms are upstairs. There isa terrace in the house at the same time.

The architects did their best and created this white, sweet, different, fuctional and light house.

Project details:
Project Name: House in Tamatsu
Use: residence
Site: Osaka, Japan
Architect : Kenji Ido / Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio
Design period : March. 2011 – February. 2012
Construction period : March. 2012 – July. 2012
Structural engineer : Masakazu Taguchi / Taguchi Atelier Planning Structure
Structure system: timber construction
Total floor area is 94.46 sqm.
building area is 32.75 sqm.
Plot area is 43.21sqm.
Building scale: 3 storeys
Photography is by Yohei Sasakura

Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu- Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-1 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-2 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-3 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-4 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-5 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-6 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-7 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-8 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-9 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-10 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-11 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-12 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-13 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-14 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-15 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-16 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-17 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-18 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-19 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-20 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-21 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-22 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-23 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-24 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-25 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-26 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-27 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-28 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-29 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-30 Yohei-Sasakura-tamatsu-31

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