House Serengeti

According to Rudolph van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects, House Serengeti is a stylish family house in harmony with the ecology.

House Serengeti with the vision created by the combination of classic modernist elements and rock steel& wood dazzles.


In bathroom, sprayed glass was used instead of tile and Balau wood for the walkway as the floor decking in order to create a difference. The lime green is chosen to add a visual punch for the kid’s room.

Thick walls provide heat insulation, the windows provide sunlight during winter while they block the sun in summertime.

Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-300 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-273 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-267 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-266 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-264 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-246 Serengeti-Designed-by-Rudolph-van-der-Meulen-241

Project Details:

Designed by: Rudolph van der Meulen
Location: Serengeti, Johannesburg, South Africa
Stand size: 1200 m²
Residence size: 454 m²
Photographs by: David Ross
Year of photo shoot: 2009

Firm Details:
Name of Firm: Nico van der Meulen Architects

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