Human.Kind Offices by PPS Architects

PPS Architects have designed the offices of Human.Kind, an advertising agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Existing building is an old Johannesburg house which was converted into offices some time ago. PPS first solve the problem of dark spaces, they turned them in to the light interiors with bright and fun colors.

The concept celebrates the vibrant diversity of The Rainbow Nation, connection of it’s roots with contemporary South African culture.

PPS have created a dynamic dialogue between rooms previously unrelated to one another. An Astroturf covered bulkhead flows through the spaces connecting the reception to the main boardroom and forming a waiting bench in reception as well as a concealed entrance into the guest bathroom, in order to achieve a connection between rooms.

The South Africa cut-out in the reception area shows the 9 provinces of the country. Alongside this are welcome greetings of each of the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. The colour of the greeting corresponds to the colour of the Province in which the language is spoken.

PPS Architects have briefly created fun spaces which maintained a degree of corporate professionalism, whilst introducing a uniquely South African flavour.

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