The exhibition has been opened after a long impatient waiting. In Galerist Istanbul, this is the third personal exhibition of Hussein Chalayan who considers fashion not as a trend but as an art branch.

Preparation for the exhibition is quite fast… When I asked”Are you excited?”, he answered with”no”; but it wasn’t much persuasive. All in all, he is an artist who gives all of his energy to his works and this exhibiton has a great significance as it is the world premier of his recent sculpture, video and sound installations. Personally, even this moment of waiting excited me. Time has come, the doors opened. When we enter the very crowded hall, we encounter with his piece”I am Sad Leyla” which was displayed in London Lisson Gallery for the first time and examines the music as a cultural form.

The installation is a combination of Sertab Erener’s vocal with an Ottoman Orchestra, movie, sculpture and musical notes.

“It’s a censor for me as well, because I worked on Turkish Classical Music with Sertab Erener for the first time. Sertab, in fact, does not work with this kind of music. And the idea of alienage contradiction in London Castle attracted me much more. Sertab also has experienced the change.”Çağlayan says.

Sertab Erener also watched her performance here for the first time and liked it a lot.

In his new installation,”Imminence of Change”, the artist shows us hair and make-up styles from between 1950s and 1980s.

Çağlayan was wearing the dress in his video to be more consistent. As the artist was born in 1970, he says he found this way more suitable to catch the spirit of 70s.

With the help of video, sculpture and robotic technology, his work turns into another style. The wig changes; so does the period, trying to catch today and the past at the same time.

On the hairdresser table, we see a remote control instead of scissors and combs. Technology is changing, combs leave their place to the remote control and hair styles change with this remote control. He has done the same with costumes before and the exhibition in Istanbul Modern Art Museum was featured with amazing videos in Architecture of Life… No computer tricks; you can see the mechanism behind the body.

In his work”Imminence of Desire”,Çağlayan spells out Istanbul’s name given by the cultures which desire the city. And he does it by means of panels and boards we see in airports. The artist believes that the city is always through a continuous flow today as well as in past. In thousands of years, Istanbul had more than 150 names. Every name reflected the bound of that culture with the city. Different cultures at different times protected the city’s identity and claimed what it represented for them.

Çağlayan said for his exhibition”Proximity Sensors” that each of them is actually an offer.

“I see them as sensors. Some titles are not rational, so they feels good and close. That’s why I titled like that,” he says.

I was impressed withÇağlayan’s humble attitude, his works and his walks in Istiklal hugging his mother. The exhibition is definitely a must-see! But unfortunately, you won’t be able to see HüseyinÇağlayan… He will be working for his presentation in Paris in the beginning of next month… Fashion holds on.

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