Hybrid: Difference Resulting in Harmony

The conflict and harmony of the east and west; history and contemporary… The best words describing the Hybrid collection by CTRLZAK Studio…

This unique collection of tableware where half of each piece has different motifs and colours challenge the porcelain that we “know” well. One piece reflects the traditional Chinese porcelain, the other one reflects European design.


The plates, bowls and cups of Hybrid collection bring a new perspective to aesthetics and creation. To look and get the collection of Italian brand Seletti, please click


aol-ctrlzak-hybrid-tableware-bowls aol-ctrlzak-hybrid-tableware-02 aol-ctrlzak-hybrid-tableware-01

Images: http://www.dezeen.com/2012/01/04/hybrid-collection-by-ctrlzak-studio-for-seletti/

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