I hear text people


In every period of time and space, whenever the individual awareness sets sail with the social sensitivity, the design and the designer shift into a indispensable character. And this protagonist welcomes us with products& ideas -serving for a vision of augmenting the quality of life of the society- with a shiny sign on them.

The shiny sign of Kaitlyn Fox is for enlightening the the deaf and the hearing impaired.

…with her EyeHear!

The EyeHear is a device for reading what you heard, with your glasses!

The system record peoples’ speech and with a speech-to-text software, it converts the spoken words into text format. Then -with a vast list of text size, colour, distance, area size and position- it projects onto the bottom of the glasses’ lens via a pico-projector!

Good idea with a good purpose. Brilliant!

Keep on enlightening designers!

Source: GizmoWatch

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