“Ice” by Daniel Libeskind is at Milan Design Week

“Ice” designed by Daniel Libeskind, 68 years old architect&designer who combines the emotion of the architecture with the philosophy, art, literature and music, for the famous lighting company Lasvit is at Milan Design Week- one of the most important events in a year.

Working with the master craftsmen at the Lasvit factory in the Czech Republic, Mr. Libeskind has created a bold, geometric chandelier that achieves a ‘one-of-a-kind’ luminosity through the delicate and fluid quality of hand-blown glass.


The Ice chandelier is made up of clear glass ‘cells,’ blown into angular molds and then clustered together in a series of puzzle-like, triangular patterns. These modular patterns can be twisted and turned into any number of horizontal compositions to suit a wide variety of spaces.

Like stalactites or icicles, the glass forms capture light, refracting it into prisms, so that each column glows in unpredictable ways.

Elegant, noble and flashy chandlier “Ice” is at Milan Design Week, which is the heart of design!

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Images: LASVIT


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