I’ll Take Both, Please

Modernism favoring authentic creativity was born as a reaction to 19th century’s eclecticism. It was shaped by democratic and industrial revolutions and since then, academicians and the leading architects of the era have discussed this issue:
Should form follow the function or the function the form?
Art for the sake of art or art for the people?
Does the egg come from the chicken or the chicken from the egg?
In the original modernist ideology, form and function wrap one another. Style and the object do not leave each other out. A good design balances the main theme with the style. And a good design has nothing to do with colors, styles or trends. It is about prioritizing the user, experience, social content and the effect of the object on its environment. Although I do know the process and its reasons, today it all seemed so meaningless all of a sudden…
Art for the sake of art, or art for people?

Art is giving meaning to life as a consequence of his/her observations in his/her inner and outer worlds, deciphering it and then producing a piece of work in the end.
Art is pushing the limits of imagination and creativity.
Art questions.
Art awakens excitement, admiration and curiosity.
If we are to generalize, humanity has always taken a step forward, not back. We, as 21st century people are capable of knowing what art is and what it is not. It actually has always been this way throughout history and this is very instinctual. Look at the pottery below. They are from the Chalcolithic times, from around 5000 BC. How unbelievably simple and beautiful they are…


How did all this come to my mind?

The source of inspiration for my text today is a restaurant in Istanbul-Arnavutkoy,Abracadabra

Let’s leave the academicians discuss this among themselves as they have done all these years and look what people have done for art and for themselves. How they mix art into life, blend the two together, feel the joy and feed their soul and bodies.
Everything can turn into art. As long as it is done with passion…
You can actually build flavor. Food is art because it has a design. You start by copying people who are good at it and then add your own interpretation into it. Besides, it has a ritual.
Here is a taste of that ritual… (This is a great video by the way, don’t miss it!)

Let’s have a nice meal this weekend and lose ourselves. The most important is, let’s feed our souls, and our stomachs, but with joy, along with music, slowly and without gobbling up too much.
Bon appetite!

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