Imm Cologne& Passagen 2012

Passagen, which was organized in parallel withImm Cologne 2012, is a design event focusing on current trends in design– particularly interior design– with exhibitions in Cologne showrooms, galleries, furniture stores, cultural institutions, museums and universities.

When we look overPassagen, we were interested in one of the exhibitor, called”Kaschkasch Cologne” design studio.

The design studioKaschkasch Colognewas established by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider. Kaschkasch always tries to achieve the maximum out of the minimum by breaking every idea down to its essential elements.


Their products are casual and voguish at the same time. Precise lines and geometric shapes give them a graphical impression, that is underlined by fashioned colouring and straightforwardness. Every piece has a little thing to discover that speaks of the designers’ love for details.


Anna Lena

Anna-Lena is a coat rack which leans against the wall. It has rubber stoppers and its surface has powder coated.



It seems that the aluminium pipes cross in one point. At this joint the coat rack can be dismantled. The minimalist design has a strictly graphic appearance.

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