Indispensable Toy For Everybody: Cubebot

One of the biggest problems of the parents is this: Children are interested in only digital games and toys because of the developing and changing technology, so their skills and manual capabilities are disappearing.

The ones that are wanted and loved most by the children among the authentic toys are robots. Robots taking place in the children’s dreams are generally made from plastic and they need batteries to attract the children’s attention. But this one is different! Cubebot inspired by Japanese Kumi-ki jigsaw puzzles are made from durable wood and can be shaped in several forms, and turns into a cube while resting. Cubebot is not a toy that can be broken easily and it can be played for several decades.


Environmentally sensitive wooden toy “Cubebot” designed by David Weeks, an expert in wood, also won the “Good Design” Award which is one of the most important awards in design. On the other hand, Cubebot does not contain any harmful material threatening your child’s health.

Cubebot, which will be an indispensable toy not only for your child and but also for your inner child can be used as a decorative object on your desk in the office. To learn more and to buy “Cubebot Small”, “Cubebot Medium” and “Cubebot Julien” click here.


cubebot small

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