Inspiration for the Writer/Illustrator/Designer: Notebooks

Everyone who likes to write or draw something has indispensable notebooks. To some of us, they become a part of our body; we think of them as our confidants… The most private of notes are on its pages, sketches of the most secret of projects are there. How many notebooks are there to make you say”I must own this,” do you want to see?

Undoubtadly, Moleskine  is a brand that presented us with the firsts on notebooks… It reaches its users with notebooks of different patterns and weights that were used by important names such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway.

Nowadays, Moleskine sometimes have special covers or interior pages designed as a competition or suddenly can make your drawing its cover. Who doesn’t want his/her sketch to reach thousands of people from those notebooks that he/she has been attached to for years?

It is not very surprising for the designers to design their own notebook, is it? Aysun Şahin Besci is among those that turned this passion into reality. There is no reason for the writer, illustrator traveller and literature lover Aysun to not make her own notebooks.

Aysun, who shares her first products with her friends, asks them to collect by writing and drawing, too. What do you think of choosing a notebook from Sihir Kutusu  for your baby, for a special day or just for yourself? Or how about Aysun turning the notebook you want into reality? Notebooks that she ‘cannot create without touching’ are very valuable for her…

Your notebook tells a lot about you. Its outside is as much a piece of you as what’s written inside. Daycraft  is here with you with their notebooks of unequalled quality and grace…

We have an environmentalist notebook set by Renew All, here. Its pages are manufactured out of papers that were surplus to printing houses’ works and were to be thrashed. Thus, the paper used inside the notebook becomes various. You can buy it singly or whole in a box, it’s your choice…

It seems like Kumm, which is a handmade notebook brand by glass and ceramic artist Meliha Babalık, will attract your attention with its enjoyable products. Each one of handmade leather notebooks are produced in a limited number. It is certain for this colorful, fun and lively notebook to increase your energy.

You can choose your notebook from Nish mark  according to your initial or the color you like. It seems like these notebooks that you can easily carry anytime, anywhere will reflect your‘that moment.’

Architect Elif Ekin Gürbüz’s brand Muk Design  produces handmade notebooks out of paper, fabric and felt. Her products which she expresses as‘Notebooks of wisdom for productive brains’ contain famous quotes from famous architects.

Three notebook-lover architects that live in Ankara, Derin İ, ZeynepÖ and Yasemin E.G. were designing notebooks to give as presents to their friends at first. Nowadays they produce handmade notebooks in many colors, many varieties with pleasure. Each day, they design and sew personalized, different from each other notebooks with new experiments and discoveries. Working, thinking to realize the requests is also enjoyable to them. To learn more, you could check their web site

Fabriano  which designs and produces creative products in perfect quality, has always been one of the most important brands chosen by artists and professionals that work in creative disciplines. These days, their products of perfect quality are manufactured in consideration of the nature and makes using a notebook a privilege.

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