Interesting Tableware

Objects are vessels for us to understand a location, a user or its designer; or actually they are there for us to use! You can analyze a location, come up with findings about an era; or do none of these…

One of these days you might find out that glass, porcelain, silver, gold or something you never dreamed of has turned into a tableware object. Or a material that you knew of might be impressively transformed into a new form to take its place on your table. We have chosen impressive tableware objects that fit into above descriptions for you…

Rosenthal ‘s Nendoo collection can be a good example. If we are to talk about an architecture for tableware, Rosenthal succeeds in this with this collection. Nendoo is a contemporary collection where functionality, surface plays and aesthetics are interpreted naturally.

Nason Monetti , who transforms Murano glass into timeless products, pushes you towards creativity while creating a color and form diversity with his Rough/Chic collection.

Seletti, who says”(R)evolution is the only solution”, continues to impress users with new collections in different segments each year. His porcelain imug series’ products are effective with their pop color handles in differentiating regular mugs.

Legnoart  claims to touch creativity with their Be Spicy collection. Although this is a product family that I personally wouldn’t prefer, Magnum knife set looks pretty impressive.

Rina Menardi , who’s been interpreting color, process the material and discovering the new, since 1980, interprets the color remarkably in his interpretation of ceramic with different form alternatives.

Sambonet ‘s collection, which they created using melamine material, is worth seeing, touching, even buying!
The material used, form or a new usage recommendation can be effective in choosing these products… There are many more products in this world… It’s probably not very easy to fit all of them in your kitchen though…

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