Ipes house by Studio MK27

Marcio Kogan& Lair Reis, with the interiors by Diana Radomysler, from Studio MK27 has took the challange to construct a house by using raw concrete through its design and construction of the building in the hard conditions of São Paulo, Brazil.

The building looks like the concrete block is floating above the main floor, which is made entirely from glass. The idea is to build a house with the impression of a large concrete box appears to be floating on top of a glass volume.

The main floor has a huge living room and dining room table, and on the upper floor, located a TV room and multiple bedrooms. The living room, which continues to the veranda and the garden, the doors open entirely, diluting the division between interior and exterior.

This beautiful mansion out of exposed concrete has a breath taking pool in the backyard.

The use of raw concrete used in the house of Ipês refers to modern buildings, aesthetically and functionally, as in a dialogue with this modern architecture.

Photographs: Reinaldo Cóser.

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