Galeri İlayda is to present “Creepy Pretty Things” the second solo exhibition of artist Işıl Ulaş, to take place from 15 November to 15 December 2013.

Ulaş creates a dialogue between her paintings and the horror film genre, with the artist producing pieces which aim to provoke a sense of unease. Her pieces incorporate both saccharine and frightening characters, whose wide eyes frequently appear to convey fear of anxiety. There is an obvious horror connected with the creepy girls, sharp edged tools, the blood and toys. Every work has different characters and they have different stories. Sometimes they loook cute sometimes creepy.


Ulaş’s works confront the dichotomies of beauty and ugliness, birth and death, and good and evil, with her pieces often set in specific locations, including deserted forests and hospital rooms — an approach which follows the artist’s interest in dream and dreaming.

The scene theme is expressed with sharp edged tools. These tools such as the scissors, knife and hand held guns are used in human daily adventures. In some cases the primary functions of these tools are misconstrued and diverted into an unintended use such as using these tools to inflict pains on other humans.

The exhibition is to be accompanied by a sound piece, featuring the voice of a young girl — a feature which, the gallery has stated, will increase the works’ eery potential.

You can see “Creepy Pretty Things” by Işıl Ulaş till December 15th at Gallery İlayda.



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