Island Retreat house by Fearon Hay Architects

New Zealand-based architectural office Fearon Hay Architects have created the ‘Island Retreat’ seated within a protective saddle in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, facing Hauraki Bay.

The design concept of the house in inspired by the idea of camping. The residence is broken up into individual free-standing structures that serve separate functions containing a living area, studio, bedroom, swimming pool and central courtyard, each with their own isolated mechanical systems.

Large glass panels have used instead of exterior walls to create an wide angle, open view and to interact with the outside. A steel frame supports the concrete roof, tensioned to the ground with exposed cables, reminiscent of a tent assembly. Heating is mostly provided through thermal mass while solar panels generate electric energy during the day. Together with rainwater harvesting and an on-site waste water management mechanism, the house greatly reduces its impact on the territory.

The retreat offers the richness of the natural materials and the comfort of home for its residents.

Photography by: Patrick Reynolds

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