James Stoklund Challenges The Tables

Eating is a need for a lot of people, is a pleasure for some of them. But it must be a very different experience to eat with utensils that aim to intoxicate. Imagine such utensils that they are produced just for your pleasure during dining time.

According to James Stoklund who is ready to challenge the tables with “A utensil is not just a utensil”, we have known the way how we should hold the forks and spoons against the plates since our childhood. The thing we have not known is how we can maket hem different. These products challenging the traditional way of eating and bringing a new perspective to eating will create humour and joy to the tables.


Not an ordinary spoon.It will extend the pleasure like itself..



The fork dances while you are eating. The difference is guaranteed by its flexibility..



The size off the eggs is not of importance. The egg cup wraps up all of them ..


There will not be anything on your plate.


The milk jug looks like a tea cup. Be careful! It pours when you turn to one direction!


Do not tip downwards when you pass the salt..

Photographs are copyright jamesstoklund.com

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