Jardín del Asia Restaurant by Juan Carlos Menacho

Bolivian architect Juan Carlos Menacho have designed the Jardín del Asia restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Jardín del Asia restaurant is a part of Los Tajibos Hotel, most luxurious and important hotel in area of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the largest urban center in eastern region of Bolivia.

An old warehouse was redesigned and the structure is divided in three sectors: outside garden, dining area and service area. With an independent garden entrance, the restaurant serves the costumers of hotel and outsiders, both.

The kitchen and supply areas are directly linked to the hotel’s main service areas and corridors.

Six microenvironments are developed under the same roof: a lounge area, liquor bar, sushi bar, fusion tables, private areas for groups and teppanyaki tables.

Technological, cultural, Asian, exotic and modern designs and concepts are integrated together to satisfy the customers.

The symbols and concepts like Bolivia’s Amazonian tropical jungle, Zen garden, a micro valley, oriental elements, native cultures in the forests and pampa region of Chiquitos and Moxos, symbols of elements of nature (water, air, land and fire) are succesfully blended and used in the restaurant in capable to host 150 diners at the same time.

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