jefta: humansculpture

Jefta Hoekendijkis a young artist who lives and works in Mons in Belgium. We recently came across his work (drawn to his Frozen project, above) and were compelled to share this exciting art with you. Active in the digital art arena, Jefta has been a photo and videographic artist for four years.


His work is based essentially on humanity and the human condition. He attempts to reveal what being human is through our various body parts, it movement, repetition and deconstruction. Here are some of our favorite pieces of his work – yet a visit to hiswebsite will reveal so much more.


‘in between body restrictions and movements urge the body is used as a brush, using itself as a way of managing complex shapes. The moving objects are multiplied. tilling the space with images between the emptiness and the fullness, the human sculpture takes more and more space. the repetition of the different people that intertwine and overlap allows to perceive the path of the fix movements in the space.’ -jefta

Here are some interesting videos;

HumanSculpture Backstage Live performance from jefta Hoekendijk on Vimeo.

HumanSculpture v1.3 from jefta Hoekendijk on Vimeo.

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