Jewellery, is it just an accessory for you?

Jewellery, is it just an accessory for you? Or is it an indispensable focus of your life? When do you say“I must have this jewel?” What about a jewel– its color, its form, its material or the conceptual story behind it– attracts you?

A jewel can be brought to life out of many materials. Beware, those that are made out of an expensive metal or a plastic bottle or a plant that you never thought of before can suddenly appear before you, anytime, anywhere.

One day, walking around the narrow streets of a tiny holiday destination like Cunda, under a chestnut tree, you might see a combination that you never dreamed of before. You might meet the hands that bring cloves together with leathers and plastic beads and stare in awe.

If you are looking for something imposing, we can talk about Bee Goddess  first. This is also the choice of many world famous singers. In fact, the last to join those who wear Bee Goddess was Madonna. Besides the value of the gem and metal used, designer Ece Şirin forms her jewellery with references from various mythological stories.

The Lotus flower that brings together earth and heavens or the stairs between the sky and underground, or the tree of life, the symbol for renewal are among those we chose for you.

Ela Cindoruk  and Nazan Pak  who humbly and gently bring valuable gems and metals together always keep their own design language. The duo, with Beşi Bir Yerde (Five in One) which has its references in our culture, express splendidness to their users in their own language.

Designer Ayça Sytmen  who says‘we buy accessories to feel good about ourselves’ is one of those who interpret jewellery in a different way. We recommend that you take a look at her website for her entertaining cufflinks, Color collection and more.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, many collections of Burcu Büyükünal  are just right for you. Her Korkunç Güzel (Terribly Beautiful) collection in which she makes a reference to our beliefs, to things that we classify as beautiful and ugly, can be an example for this. Furthermore, if you are interested in jewellery design and want lessons on this, you can also find Burcu Büyükünal’s course information on this site.

Şenay Akın  who interprets herself as a story teller, designs affixable forms and tutors in her own atelier. She also shares her current jewellery and her life in her personal blog.

Her passion for jewellery directed Batya Kebudi  who believes that accessories complete the dress into founding her own brand. Her products that she creates with love have an easily comprehensible graphic expression. For the other products and selling points of this brand that is a national and international focus of attention, we recommend that you take a look around at the website.

Yasha Butler , who designs organic forms out of a base of basic geometric forms, seeks for the perfect balance between the nature’s forms and designed in all of her projects. In her jewellery, she uses silver, yarn, leathers, ceramics and porcelain. You can find the different combinations of these materials here.

Özlem Tuna  is another designer who uses porcelain in her jewellery. In her last collection Kairos, every piece was designed with care. You can find a piece for yourself in this collection consistent of a necklace, earrings and rings.

SelenÖzus’s abstract and impressive jewels which she interprets with a unique design language, Sadi Tekin’s Pick Me Design products which make one smile are also worth seeing.

Nesrin Dugan who sees jewellery as a person’s signature believes that every jewel should have a story. She uses gold, silver and precious stones in her nature and animal themed works.

You can find products of different concepts made out of acrylic and metal materials in Didem’in İzi  – Didem Aras’s brand where she mixes life, happiness, love, excitement, color, laughter and fun.

Nayad Bal , who opens the doors to her atelier to visitors every Saturday under the concept of ‘Saturdays Only’, sees jewellery as energy giving objects. She puts simplicity, difference and quality to the forefront for her collections.

It is quite possible to make a very long list on a subject like jewellery design. Finally we want to introduce you to Aida Pekin  brand who designs timeless products. It seems you must bookmark the brand; since you will definitely see a new product fitting to your tastes with each new collection.

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