Jigsaw residence by David Jameson Architect

Jigsaw residence by David Jameson Architect is built in on a corner of a suburb in Bethesda, Maryland; on a spot that once was home to a single-story residence.

Designed and constructed on the open courtyard that was left from the original house’s remains, Jigsaw’s clean lines and the massive windows create a beautiful airiness to the space.

The modular windows stream natural light into the house and create an interesting interplay between light and shadows in each of the rooms.

Natural elements are preferred in the design, such as stones and woods. Textile of natural stone and wood simply merges the house with the natural environment.

With the looks of a modern, simple elements, Jigsaw has actually has a complex concept with varying ceiling heights and window sizes and an overall asymmetrical, puzzle-like design.

Photography by: Paul Warchol

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