Junk Art Figures

As a specific sub-genre of ‘found art’, the junk art or trash art has pieces that primarily comprise components that have been discarded and often they come literally from the trash.

Beside the fact of many organizations sponsor junk art competitions, junk art may also have a social purpose, of raising awareness of trash with a touch of creativity over various reasons!

Creating and using junk art is a recycling activity; i.e. using older computer and electronic components, small anonymous pieces or metal plates that you can shape them on your own… There are no limits, well, except your imagination.

Let’s have a look to some fine examples!

AOL_Junk_Art_Wolverine AOL_Junk_Art_Wall-e AOL_Junk_Art_Volkswagen AOL_Junk_Art_Tie_Fighter AOL_Junk_Art_Strormtrooper AOL_Junk_Art_Red_Skull AOL_Junk_Art_Red_Like_a_Sir AOL_Junk_Art_Mosquito AOL_Junk_Art_Monocycle AOL_Junk_Art_Horseman AOL_Junk_Art_Gunner AOL_Junk_Art_Fremen AOL_Junk_Art_Far AOL_Junk_Art_Diver AOL_Junk_Art_Centaur_Archer AOL_Junk_Art_Captain_America AOL_Junk_Art_Buggy AOL_Junk_Art_Batman AOL_Junk_Art_Angel_Reaper AOL_Junk_Art_Alien_Rock

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