Just Wanna Read- Many Places Available

While reading has been an activity losing its importance and overshadowed by information technology, it also has been an indispensable routine that has given pleasure to the readers..


As part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, the reading cabin comprises a shed-like structure. The library that can be used by only one person at a time designed by the Portuguese artist Marta Wengorovius and architect Francisco Aires Mateus kütüphane (Um, Dois e Muitos (One, Two and Many)) shines with the daylight through the gabled roof.


This reading cabin including a bookshelf and a seating area rekindles the love of reading.

To Martha Wengorovius, who invited 20 guests for choosing books for the collection of 60 volumes, this itinerant project creates a community among people who read the books, the guests who chose the books and the people who will read the books. It is possible to make reservation to occupy the library for an hour or a whole day.


The cabin first opened in Paredes, in the north of Portuguese and has since moved to Lisbon and it is planned to relocate the cabin each year, translating the books into different languages for foreign countries.



Project: Marta Wengorovius, Francisco Aires Mateus and Ana Almada Pimentel

Images: João Wengorovius

Construction: Cenário Perfeito

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