Kangaroo Clocks for Fabrica

We have been focusing on elegant designs these days as Architecture of Life team, always searching the newest, the most beautiful and attractive designs . Elegance, simplicity and function are really important for us. And that is why we liked Kangaroo very much because it meets our expectations.


Wall decorating, clocks, frames and wallpapers are very important for most of us. There must be the things reflecting our aesthetic and art perspective. If you like elegant designs on your walls, Kangaroo is one of the perfect choices.

This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which is to leave a secret message inside the pocket. The shape of the piece is conceived with an organic approach that engages the receiver.

aol-kangaroo-clocks-fabrica-04 aol-kangaroo-clocks-fabrica-03

Design: David Raffoul

Images: Fabrica

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