Keep an ear on TETÖP!

They announced themselves during the Ulusal Tasarım Kongresi (National Design Congress) held in ITU in October of 2009.TETÖP, or in long Turkish Industrial Design Students Platform, has 36 active representatives and more than 1400 members from 18 universities in Turkey.

It can be said that they completed their organizational scheme very professionally. For their common advantage, they say”We’re here, too” at every opportunity with their national and international projects.

This activist team which aims to deal with their professional problems during their studentship and create solutions for them with students’ view, questions their profession deeply. They want to add more value toTETÖP with both academicians like Industrial Design Academicians Committe (ETAK) members and their designer elders. They notice it is time to work together, to cooperate and show us that united they are stronger, with their projects.


Their intents are very clear. For their common advantage, they want to organize deliberately and carry this to the international scale. They want to take advantage of this young team’s excitement, determination, courage by getting affected positively from each other and want to be activist designers.

They work on creating values out of this union with their representatives and members in different cities. They organize panel discussions to evaluate the future of design and designers in Turkey or organize workshops in sectoral fairs. It can be said that they make use of every opportunity in the sector that is thought to be beneficial for the student.


If you are wondering what’s next!

There is a 3 day workshop in parallel toOfficexpo andIMOB fairs in CNR Expo. In this workshop, home-office systems will be questioned, and solutions for efficient work space structure and well separation of living space and working space will be seeked.


In the following months, TETÖP Portal, T+ magazine, an Industrial Design introductory film, Balkan Train Project which aims to gather design students form Turkey and Balkan countries, and a workshop to understand the handicaps of the handicapped will take place. Gathering together of industrial design students’ projects in a portal each year and advertising internship opportunities in a common network are in their agenda, too.

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