KEZBAN ARCA BATIBEKI; “Pulp Fiction – The Seguel”

I’m very curios whether my daughter, with artist parents, will be only an audience of art or she will perform art?

Here isKezban ARCA BATIBEKİ, daughter of artist parents, Atıf YILMAZ and Nurhan NUR. She is one of those who has decided to perform art. Her graphic career had begun in her student days. Her first children’s book was published among the series of Milliyet Children’s Books. Illustration, book covers, children’s books, poster and postal card designs, graphic, jazz and writings in series on travel, art management in cinema, photography editor, a children’s film for Swedish TV… Movie poster of“Al Yazmalım Selvi Boylum” which is among the unforgettable movies of Turkish cinema telling the story of a woman was done by BATIBEKİ as well.

She stayed in UK for a long time and began painting there; when she came back, she had given up graphic. She began new quests besides painting. Photography and Installation…

Current stop of her long trip on the road of art is now United States. Artist’s exhibition“Pulp Fiction” is on display inLeila Taghinia Milani Gallery in New York. The artist, who has always worked on theme of“woman” since the beginning, refers to various positions of image of woman in life in her exhibition.

I made a short interview with Kezban ARCA BATIBEKİ who has just returned from United States, which of course, I want to share with you… Thanks to her for sparing time for us during such a peak times.

By what are you inspired while creating your paintings and what is it like the process of a project to be created?

Usually, by travels; but everything surrounding me may turn over a new leaf. For example; Exhibition of“Pulp Fiction” was born out of third page news and morning shows which I can’t tolerate. Creation period of projects, however, takes 1,5– 2 years.

How was your first personal exhibition in New York with your shining personality and new works?

It wasn’t bad at all as an unknown person who holds an exhibition over seas. I work to make it better over time.

I know that you love naming your exhibitions or paintings after your favorite movies, books and songs; and how did it happen to name this exhibition?

An American artist-curator who knows Tarantino in person came to my studio and said“Well, these paintings remind me the movie of Pulp Fiction” and my gut told me that this was what the name of the exhibition became.

In your paintings, the women are at the forefront and there is  a friction between them, why is that so?

We should ask this question to ourselves first, as its answer is different for each of us…

Can we say that the women in your paintings are from different classes?

Well, we can say from every class and every age…

How do you spend your time in your workplace?

I’ll go to my workplace only to work and leave when my work finishes.

The exhibition of the artist who criticizes the view of life of women is telling the story of women fighting to move up the social ladder ironically. Its opening attracted many people in spite of the snow storm in New York. I wish to see the exhibition in Turkey as soon as possible!

Theatrical scenes, women and fictions reminding flying angels in Renaissance paintings… A characteristic of Kezban ARCA BATIBEKİ’s exhibitions is that preview of next exhibition is given to the audience. And I wonder what we will have after this exhibition…

And for the last; you can find more photos and the earlier works of Kezban Arca Batıbeki on ourfacebook page

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