Kitchen, Here We Come!

Amateur chefs that increase in numbers each passing day, new cooks that resign their positions as bankers or senior executives to cook and attend cooking courses, those that say ‘I should open my own cafe’ and act accordingly… Today, passing time in the kitchen is indispensable for both men and women.

The increasing number of cooking programs on TV and the internet provide their viewers with a chance to both discover new products and to create new flavors.

Of course, the pan, apparatus, apron and all the other products that the cook uses becomes the other points of interest after the food he’s cooking.

Here – although I’m not a professional or an amateur cook – as a designer I present you with some suggestions for pleasant products that you might say‘I want this in my kitchen, too!’ and enjoy using.

I wish you a merry cooking with what I suggest or whatever is indispensable to you and sharing them with love…

Michel Bras Grater Set


Renowned French chef Michel Bras  collaborated with Kai, the producer of Shun knives, to create a collection of highly effective tools that bring together the best traditions of French and Japanese craftsmanship. Made in Japan, this three-in-one grater features a variety of razor-sharp stainless-steel blades designed to tackle any grating task. The blades change out easily with a snap and click back in place as desired.

Alessi Shiba Sauce Pan


Saucepan in multiply mirror polished with double wall lid. Handle and knob in wood. The core of his project Shiba  lies in the consideration that, at the end of the day, in your private life, you tend to use in your kitchen a very limited number of pots and pans compared to the traditional concept of cookware. So Naoto Fukasawa limited himself to designing only those that are strictly necessary, with his characteristic minimalist rigor.

Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Tools


The Elevate™  range of kitchen tools is designed to improve hygiene and minimise the mess made by placing utensils onto kitchen surfaces during use.

Each tool has an innovative weighted handle with an integrated tool rest, ensuring that, when an Elevate™ utensil is placed down, its head is always raised off of the work surface.
Elevate™ tools are available individually or as colourful sets. These comprise 6 essential tools from the range, stylishly boxed, and they make the perfect gift idea. The Set includes a specially designed rotating storage stand with a non-slip rubber base. Perfect for storing on the kitchen worktop next to the cooker, it ensures this unique range of tools is always close at hand.
Dishwasher safe.

Joseph Joseph Lotus Steamer Basket


This classic, steamer basket design is taken to new levels of practicality and convenience with this colourful, contemporary version. Made from high-quality polypropylene, the unit has self-adjusting sides to fit most pans, heat-resistant silicone feet and an innovative silicone finger guard, to help protect fingers from scalding when lifting. It has a large capacity when fully open, but folds neatly away for storage. The unit is non-scratch and suitable for use with both steel pans and non-stick cookware. Dishwasher safe. Lotus  is designed by Graeme Davies.

WMF Cookware range: Function 4


Cooking should be fun. When you experience how easy to handle and how well thought-out WMF pots and kitchen products are, your imagination when cooking and enjoying will be limitless. Compared with traditional cookware ranges, Function 4 provides 4 additional functions by variation of the lid position. The pot lid features a silicone ring which allows for putting on the lid without sound.

The pot lid has 4 different pouring holes: pour out fully, large sieve opening, small sieve opening, and closed. The icons for the exact lid positioning are found on the metal ring. Every pot of the cookware range Function 4 features an inside scale.

Tupperware® SmartSteamer


It’s one of our greatest innovations— true steaming in the microwave! Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food because it retains nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins while preserving color, texture and flavor. And it’s also one of the most delicious, too! The ingenious design of the Tupperware® SmartSteamer  blocks microwaves from cooking foods. Instead, microwaves are directed to the Water Tray below, causing the water to boil and the steam to rise for perfectly steamed foods.

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