Kitchen Totems

Are you tired of untidy drawers full of kitchen utensils? For the most part of the time kitchen utensils are placed in draws in an untidy mess. These totem poles make their down time as important as there function. Each totem categorises utensils into there specific rituals.


The first totem is based around the perfect boiled egg, a three minute egg timer and 4 different egg cups based around the family.

aol-kitchen-totems-oliver-richardson (4)

This totem is for a steak dinner, a marble tenderiser and salt pot and pepper mill to season the the steak.

aol-kitchen-totems-oliver-richardson (5)

Third one is perfect for romantic dining tables. A totem based around an evening in the kitchen, A candlestick holder to set the tone and a bottle stopper and cork screw. Perfect light, perfect wine…

aol-kitchen-totems-oliver-richardson (6)

Who is Oliver Richardson?


Graduating from Kingston University with a BA (hons) Product and Furniture Design. He has a strong relationship with the environment and tries to maintain a sustainable minimalistic approach to his work. Oliver is somebody who is very interested in the world around him looking at how things work and fit into motion around one another. Whilst understanding context and intelligent thinking throughout the process. If you want, you can visit OliverRichardson’s  web page.

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