Krabhuis; To The Owners Of Our Houses

If you have a cat at home you know very well. According to them, the place in which you live does not belong to you. Felines are maybe the only animals who love being bossy to their owners. Even if they give peace and warmth, they can create some problems at home.


The biggest problem is the signatures on the furniture. They need to sharpen their nails and they often do this action on the furniture . This is the way to solve the problem and relax them: Krabhuis.


Krabhuis, which is made from almost 100% recycled materials and meets the needs of your cat in terms of scratching and playing, is produced in The Netherlands and is assembled by workers from Amarant, an organization that helps people with disabilities.

Krabhuis-Cat-Houses-4 Krabhuis-Cat-Houses-1 Krabhuis-Cat-Houses


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