KUUM Hotel, Spa& Residences by GAD Architecture

GAD‘s KUUM project was designed with an innovative approach as a small residential area on the beach that is completely in harmony with the hillside topography. The project which consists of nonintersecting building blocks placed between the cuts created by the repeating vertical organic hillside slopes towards the sea has a different structure than other finished and continuing projects in Bodrum.

The aim of the design is to place the structure harmoniously with the nature and the topography by determining all the program components according to the sea view and the topography. To achieve this, GAD created a high algorithm DNA by combining the powers of mathematics and computer programming. While the earth that was shaped according to different function areas and the buildings that adapt to physical and functional conditions of these areas create variety in the landscape, since they use the same DNA, they also form the components of a whole. In other words, because of this DNA structure that was created to oriantate the building towards to sea and to form it according to the topography of its location, buildings form variations while still in unity.

Kuum, which consists of residences, a hotel, a Turkish bath and piers with 350 meter shore on approximately 20 acres in Göltürkbükü – according to GAD– is described as more than a hotel; a small residential area that contains various units, maybe a small cove and an extremely important example for future residential areas.
Investor: BirTur& İrfan Kuriş
Region: Göltürkbükü, Bodrum, Turkey
Year: 2008

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