Learning While Playing:Creative Wooden Toys For Kids

The toys expanding the children’s imagination and developing their creativity are of big importance for the children who are artists, designers and architects by their inner power. We have searched for the toys which are produced not for making the kids have fun but developing and enlarging their mental, physical and emotional capacities.

As Architecture of Life, we have chosen the healthiest and most imaginative ones helping the children be much more creative among the thousands of toys. Here are the best wood toys for the kids who learn while having fun, have fun while learning:

Marusenko Sphere

This toy that is similar to rubic’s cube famous for attributing to children’s cognitive development is designed according to different difficulty levels. You would like to buy more than one- another is for you.


aol-marusenko-sphere-black&red aol-marusenko-sphere-black&white aol-marusenko-sphere-black&yellow

It is possible to make different patterns with this one produced in two colours such as black&white, black&red, black&yellow, blue&white, red&white; the difficulty level is simple.





These are of difference difficulty levels.

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Images: Marusenko

Rockets ve Models

These wood toys designed by Woodly are nearly impossible to be broken. Your child will daydream him/herself in Formula 1, while rescuing people from a burning building or as a tow truck.



Images: woodly

Kay Bojesen Monkey

This monkey with a smooth texture, humorous image and rotating legs and arms is both a sweet toy and a decorative object.


Images: Momastore

Cubebot Robots

Robots taking place in the children’s dreams are generally made from plastic and they need batteries to attract the children’s attention. But this one is different! Cubebot inspired by Japanese Kumi-ki jigsaw puzzles are made from durable wood and can be shaped in several forms, and turns into a cube while resting. Cubebot is not a toy that can be broken easily and it can be played for several decades.

Environmentally sensitive wooden toy “Cubebot” designed by David Weeks, an expert in wood, also won the “Good Design” Award which is one of the most important awards in design. On the other hand, Cubebot does not contain any harmful material threatening your child’s health.

Cubebot Small

Cubebot Small Özellikleri:  6.75 inç boy, oynarken 9.25 inç olan kol boyu, 2.5x2.5 inç küp ebatları (1 inç=2.54 cm) 

6.75 inches tall, arms while playing 9.25 inches, 2.5×2.5 inches of each cube.


Cubebot Medium

Cubebot Medium Özellikleri: 9.5 in. boy, oynarken 13.55 inç kol boyu, 3.5x3.5 inç küp ebatları (1 inç=2.54 cm)

9.5 inches tall, arms while playing 13.55 inches, 3.5×3.5 inches of each cube.

Cubebot Julien

Cubebot Julien

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

The pinocchio pencil sharperes are so sweet and funny that we highly recommend you to buy at least two: one is for your child, the other is for you and your inner child.

The sharpener is suitable for standard pencils. You will open Pinocchio’s mouth and take the litter.


Please visit Pomstore.net which present marvel of design products for more/detailed information about the great wood robots Cubebot Small, Cubebot Medium ,Cubebot Julien and funny sharpener Pinocchio and/or buy them.

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