Lefevre House By Longhi Architects

Between Sand and Water; Lefevre Beach House

Project name:Lefevre Beach House
Architects:Longhi Architects
Location: Punta Misterio, Lima, Peru
Area: 530 m2
Design team: Principal designer Luis Longhi, CarlaTamariz, Christian Bottger, Ysa Jamis
Text and Images: Courtesy of Longhi Architects

From the architects;

“Conceived as the place where the arid Peruvian desert meets the Pacific Ocean, this beach house located at Punta Misterio 117 km. south of Lima, is an intervention where the integration of architecture and landscape was an important concern.

Sand garden roofs act as the extension of the desert; lap and recreation pools connect the ocean with the house, while a glass box hangs from the structure symbolizing architecture between sand and water.”

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