Let My Tablet Sleep!

Coqoon is the first ever easy to use and beautiful tablet pillow. It’s manufactured only with materials of the highest quality, like Kvadrat fabric and high-density feather filling.


The iconic strips are designed to hold 10” inch tablets firmly in place, making the pillow a safe place to comfortably enjoy your tablet. Of course, also without the tablet, coqoon can be used as a regular pillow.

You can click here to see the tablet pillows available in 6 colours ( grey, yellow, orange, red, petrol and purple) and/or to buy.

aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-02 aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-grey aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-orange aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-purple aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-red aol-coqoon-tablet-pillow-yellow

Images: coqoon

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