Let the light in

It is Sun in the mornings and moon during the nights that provide us with light that we enjoy. While the moon is a great motivator when it is full, we cannot say the same for the sun when in it is right on top of our heads.

When the effectiveness of natural lighting diminishes, it is the artificial’s turn. The mood you want to create in the location to be lighted becomes your starting point for your choice of properties like the color of the lighting, its form and material. Below, you can find some impressive products we chose for you.

These are products that will make you say ‘This is definitely a Tom Dixon  product.’ He transforms copper or brass into such a product that makes you notice the uniqueness of the designer’s own product language. He does not only design the product’s shape, but also interprets the light’s way, what it reflects when it oozes out of its space.

MGX  succeeds in surprising its users with its designs all the time. Quin is brand’s one of the most impressive products. With the lace-like engraving on the polyamide material thanks to the latest technology, a romantic product emerges.

How different can a regular cable and a lightbulb be? Arik Levy  designs these incredible lightings using only these two base materials.

Alpha of the Aureliano Toso  brand which filters light in different intensities because of its different layers is a very ambitious product for indoor and outdoor use. Alpha which has an asymmetrical form is manufactured using stainless steel and different glass layers.

Terzani  creates curiosity with each of its products. The brand which we remember by its flashy chandeliers also has a wide range of geometric and structural lightings. The lighting’s impact on the location it is used or its posture like that of a statue gives you an opportunity for creating the space of your dreams.

Bonheur Piantana which was created by Michele De Lucchi for Serralunga  can be used both for indoors and outdoors. It has 2 different versions as the stand alone and ceiling hanging.

Can Can Family which was designed by Marcel Wanders for Flos  has different colors and sizes. Look at what Wanders provides for his users in this collection of different concepts.

It is up to you to find and use the right product to create the correct feeling in your location– your house or your office– using the lighting. It is not difficult to make a product a member of your household because of its material or manufacturing method or light color or just because you liked it, is it?

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