Let’s Look at Black & White Barcelona

Today, we will look at Barcelona, one of the biggest cities and the tourist attractions in Spain via black & white photographs. We have encountered these great photographs on photographer Maik Lipp’s blog User Deck (his impressions of his journey to Barcelona in 2012). These photographs bring a romantic perspective to Barcelona, don’t they?

aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-05 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-08 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-04 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-03 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-11 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-12 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-13 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-14 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-01 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-10 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-02 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-09 aol-barcelona-user-deck-maik-lipp-07

You can visit the photographer’s nice blog for more images.

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