Let’s Make 3D Xmas Cards!

A new work for the Christmas memories including the days we were preparing and sending Christmas cards for our loved ones, and keeping the ones that we received

You can prepare with different colors and patterns.

Let’s look the steps and prepare for the Christmas.


Materials: colorful paper, cardboard, craft knife, double sided tape


Draw the pattern on a notebook paper.


Stick the pattern to the colorful paper and cut the dotted lines.


Signalize the points that will be folded with needle, pipette or something like them. Then close the card and and fold the points that will be folded.


Stick to the cardboard with double sided tape. (Here, there are small flowers to decorate the card)


Enjoy your card!
Images: http://www.turuncuoda.com


You can check the steps again.
Images: http://www.minieco.co.uk

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