Let’s Make Our Own Book Separators

What about making sweet book separators for our books? You can give them to your loved ones as gifts.

In order to make this sweet one, we need rubber and some clothes(you can use ribbons). First, we attach the small clothes or ribbons that we cut, then sew them to the rubber.

aol-how-to-make-book-separators-01 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-02 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-03

Images: http://craftsnob.com

Fort his monsters, we fold papers or cardboards, then we draw pictures. We get an angle on a square when they are folded. You can draw pictures that you like.

aol-how-to-make-book-separators-monsters-04 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-monsters-05

Images: http://www.veetje.be

To get these ones, we need some ribbons and paperclips. After preparing ribbons, you can attach the ribbons or stick them to the paperclips.

aol-how-to-make-book-separators-10 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-09 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-08 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-07 aol-how-to-make-book-separators-06

Images: http://1.bp.blogspot.com


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