Let’s Take a Look to Zona Tortona

Zona Tortona becomes a reason to visit Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair in Milan. We’re actually interested in both of them. In following days, we will let you know how are the exhitions and who are the exhibitors in Tortona and Saloni… Let’s start with Tortona and the Turkish exhibitors. There are 2 exhibitions from Turkey.

Thus Spoke the Marble: The Journey Alters You


Organized by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB) and the Aegean Mineral Exporters’Association (EMIB), and curated by the well-known Turkish design studio, Demirden Design, the project will be groundbreaking in that its ambitions reach far beyond those of a purely commercial display.

Spread over 900 square-metres of the famous Superstudio Più Art Garden, while demonstrating and exploring the numerous ways in which Turkish marble can be used in both architecture and interior design, the installations by the participating designers will also attempt to reveal the material’s symbolic and spiritual power.

Thus Spoke the Marble: The Journey Alters You will be built across nine platforms, each carrying an installation, and linked by wooden and iron pathways, representing the metaphor of the inner journey.

The projects exhibited will include a‘Marble Rosarium’ by Berlin-based architect and designer Werner Aisslinger, a stunning arrangement of marble slabs crafted into the shape of flowers and combined into a playful secret garden space, whereas the leading Dutch designer Richard Hutten will invite visitors on a somewhat uncomfortable walk inside a crate entirely covered with polychromic marble that reproduces worlds and symbols from the realm of imagination.


The Anglo-Spanish duo El Ultimo Grito has created an installation where visitors can sit or lie down on a gently sloping piece of marble, while James Irvine challenges gravity by keeping a heavy tabletop suspended in the air. International designers, EmreArolat, Birsel + Seck and Can Yalman, designed 3 of these works… The show will travel to a series of other international key destinations after its Milan premiere.

The Taste of Istanbul…


‘The Taste of Ist’ is organized by NursemaÖztürk, the founder of Tasarım Parkı. In this exhibition you could find different products from Istanbul based designers and also there is a film about design sectors in Turkey, which is made by ETTA. To have more information about ETTA or Industrial Designers Society of Turkey, you could visit them on Via Tortona 20.

When you are watching the movie or checking out the products, you could have a Turkish coffee with them. We are sure that you will be interested in the coffee cup, you drink from.


You could find the designers list below:

Akın Nalça, Ege Kutay&TunçinÜner, Esin Tosunoğlu, Gamze Güven, Gökhan Akyüz, Merve Doruk, Reyhan Uras& Deniz Türkeri, Murat Akçay, Nagehan Kılıçarslan, Efecan Gürgüz& Onur Besen, NursemaÖztürk, Orhan Irmak Tasarım, Sami Savatlı, Seda Kilimcigöldelioğlu, Şule Koç, Tamer Nakışçı, Tanya Ildıroğlu, Erdeniz Kurt, Türkü Şahin.

We will publish news from Milan, Tortona Design Week and Salone del Mobile in these days… Follow us!

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