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According to the article that I read yesterday inHurriyet, Philips will illuminate our Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge as well, after the Bosphorus Bridge enlightened in 2007.


LED Illumination Project of FSM Bridge will again be carried out by Aydınlık Lighting, the solution partner of Philips. Philips LED (light emitting diod) lighting products which save 60% of energy consumption will be used on the bridge. The bridge is currently lighted from time to time for testing purposes and it is expected to be lighted completely before the end of April.

Today, when the global warming hits the headlines every single day, the greatest contribution to the need of energy saving in illumination comes from the invention of the century, LEDs.

You can read more about the illumination plan which aims 80% of energy saving on Hürriyet’s web site. And what I want to highlight is actually a hope! Well, I hope this bridge will not turn into a night club as the first one did. They have a long way to go on designing an elegant illumination. At least this time, they have many examples of beautiful architectural illumination to inspire themselves better!

I’d better stop writing more here as I want to handle the subject of illumination in architecture as another entry…


“Urban space is increasingly morphing into a billboard for messages that are all too frequently of a commercial kind. The use of light through to moving images made of light plays an important role here. The layers added to the urban world are increasingly manipulating perception, replacing reality by images of reality and as a consequence unnoticed by many changing the city and our perception of it. Urban three-dimensional space becomes”invisible”, with two-dimensional images superimposed over it, images that are artificial and can be manipulated.

The work of Berlin studioMader Stublic Wiermann reflects these processes and shift our perception in and of the city. Buildings are covered by a layer of thin, vertical LED rods. The layer remains transparent, and does not conceal the city, but complement it. The projections are abstract structures and grids that expand those old facades beneath and then let it re-emerge. The light installations that depict abstract moving patterns essentially comment on, change, estrange or even question the underlying architecture.”viastylepark.

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