Like Real? Is Not That?

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera vivified the tropical birds by using paper. Stunning, attractive, and colorful…


Herrera’s explorations began with birds. She observed the local birds in Bogotá in which she lives and searched the habitat and behaviour of the ones. The artist also met with members of an ornithology group that provided more information. Among the nature’s elements astonishing the artist who realized the city in which she lives is full of nature even though they are concealed by traffic and modernism, birds are the most recurrent animals .


Herrera uses the papers to build the main structures of the birds , then she glues on these delicate feathers that are curled. At first, she prepares a structure made from paper. She also prepares feather groups for body, tail, wings and head and pastes piece by piece. She makes the final touch by adding beak and eyes. But in order to make a real final, she uses wire and floral tape for legs and she paints each feather to get the right colour- to make it as realistic as possible. 

aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-03 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-04 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-05

Each model such as flamingoes, woodpeckers, blue herons in the collection takes 5 days to 2 weeks depending on size and complexity.

aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-06 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-08 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-09 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-10 aol-diana-beltran-herrera-paper-birds-11




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