Limitless In Decoration: “Grow Up” Series

It is difficult to explain this series designed by Korean designer Kwon Jae Min. After all, you feel the nature of the wood- the sincerity and the warmth. The pieces seem sweet at the same time. The series has a peculiar style.

There are hanger, bench, chair, tables and lighting units in this series. Let’s look at the pieces and make commentsabout the design.

Grow Up The Light Bowl:

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-bowl-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-bowl-02


Grow Up The Light Low Table: 

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-low-table-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-low-table-02


Grow Up The Light High Top Lamp:

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-high-top-lamp-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-high-top-lamp-02


Grow Up the Light Bench: 

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-bench-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-bench-02 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-bench-03


Grow Up The Branch-Hanger:

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-branch-hanger-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-branch-hanger-02 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-branch-hanger-03


Grow Up The Light-Table:

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-table-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-table-02 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-light-table-03


Grow Up The Branch Chair:

aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-branch-chair-01 aol-kwon-jae-min-grow-up-the-branch-chair-02



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