Little Brother is Illuminating Us: Beluga

Designed by Marc Sadler and made by Fabbian, an Italian designer lighting company, the 4 Belugalighting collection seem like they time warped to this day from a couple of decades… According to your choice of colour or material, these halogen or LED spherical light fixtures can be found on 4 different collections. These are: Beluga SteelBeluga WhiteBeluga Alu and Beluga Colour

Beluga Steel

Beluga White

With their warm white body and light, the Beluga White is an ideal choice for the residential places, concept bars, pubs and offices with tranquility…

Beluga Alu

Mainly, the Beluga Alu consists of floor lamps. As well as the indoors usage, you can use them in outdoors too. There are two colors and two types: LED or incandescent light fixtures.

Beluga Colour 

Likewise the Beluga Steel and Beluga White, the Beluga Colour pieces can be applied any place that you want -with an exception of colour choices! You can choose by various options like transparent, red, yellow, blue, brown and green. In accordance with your request, these little brothers are ready to illuminate your living quarters.

As Architecture of Life, we prepare a gallery for Beluga Colour below. Apart from this collection, you also can find detailed information and visuals in the related pages of Fabbian in here!

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