Little Brother is Watching You…



The famous security monitoring solutions firm Swann also flies in another fast lane: Remote Controlled Helicopters!
The firm has announced three new editions to their remote controlled helicopter lineup with a desire to include smart phone owners to his target market. And this attempt takes its power from the collaboration with Apple. With an application titled iFly, Swann Helicopters let you use your iPhone as a remote controller. For now, it’s only availible fot the model called iFly Micro Lightning.


The other 2 new models, Sky Eye and Black Swann can be used for recording flights with video or stills that can be quickly shared with USB port. The Sky Eye model has a built-in 512 Mb memory and the Black Swann has the advantage of microSD storage bogus up to 32 Gb! 27MHz radio frequency supports the longer flights within a distance of 30 meters and the batteries promise up to 8 minutes of flying time per charge.


You can find the visuals of the models in our gallery and get detailed information from the official website as well.
Have fun!

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