Living Roofs

If you believe that living should eventuate in the inner parts of the buildings, you are wrong. On a roof demonstrating living clues by greened and natural image your minds will change.

Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke

This roof, on which you can read, breathe fresh air, have a talk with friends, is a project of The University of Melbourne in Burnley Campus. This project designed by Hassell Architects is an indicator of this situation: Buildings do not always destroy green places, they do support them.

Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke

The Burnley Living Roofs are made up of three separate green roofs: the Demonstration Roof, the Research Roof and the Biodiversity Roof. The Demonsration Roof was prepared for the visitors. It was designed for the visitors to walk around the roof by the red edgings. At the Research Roof, research team use the facilities to make experiments suc as the effects of the natural conditions on botanical elements. At the Biodiversity Roof, there are parts fostering animal life.

Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke
Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke
Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke

Landscape Architecture: HASSELL

Project name: Burnley Living Roofs

Location: The University of Melbourne, Burnley Campus I Melbourne, Australia

Completion date: 2013- Finished

Area: 500 sqm

Client/Collaboration: The University of Melbourne

Consultants: Bonacci Group

Contractor: Junglefy

Photographs : Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke

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