Lolita by Trije Arhitekti in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In a central and a historic place in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Lolita is designed to give a tribute to tradition of cafes and richness of social city-living.

A former warehouse with huge historic windows communicates the place with the outside, the pedestrian zone by the river, and fills the interiors with light through day and city lights by night.

To highlight historic entrance of the building, with the partnership of spatolato and roughly painted brick wall gives power to cafe icon, Thonet No. 214.

Nika Zupanc sofas have prefered to use in the place.

The height of more than five meters is characterised by two opposing planes– parquet floor as a combination of original more than 100 year old pieces and new parts painted and set in carpet like pattern and on the other side the ceiling overlooking the ambient with a huge unique image that characterises the space the most. From allegora of Venera and Apolon to old Ljubljana’s lady’s napkin (kotiljon) with designer’s self portrait (!) and at the end of the ceiling of long main room a detail of Gustav Dore’s “Creation of Eve” . This is the point where a uniquely designed two dimensional chandelier”burning cross” is hung, with a white shadow falling to the brick wall behind it. It is Lolita after all, so the place to live up to one’s name.

Lolita is designed by Trije Arhitekti, a Ljubljana based architectural office, led by architect Andrej Mercina.

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