The London Design Week 2015


September is a joyous month for us. Because this is such a month that we have given up the slackness of the summer, we look forward to seeing the London Design Week will be held on September 19-27th with attractive installations and more than 300 events in four different regions of the city.

Londra tasarım haftası için Alex Chinneck tarafından hazırlanan enstalasyon “A Bullet From A Shooting Star” Thames nehrinden ve şehrin çeşitli bölgelerinden görülebilecek şekilde ışıklandırılıyor olacak.
The installation “A Bullet From A Shooting Star” by Alex Chinneck for London Design Week 2015 will have been shining and will be able to seen from Thames River and various places of the city.

The main theme for London Design Week 2015 including 5 event places in the different regions of the city such as 100%design, designjunction, Decorex, Tent London, Super Brands London, Focus/15 is “Design in Colour”. We have learnt that the speeches about the interactions on people and places of the colours will crown the exhibition areas thanks to the press releases.

Expert Karen Haller as the debater as a part of London Design Week. To Karen Haller alongside the visual we’ll examine the other senses too – how through touch, smell, sound and taste, our lives can be positively influenced by design to create stimulating environments that improve productivity and creativity while supporting us emotionally. Colour means emotion. It is not surprising that people who struggle the economic and social confusion are trying to get rid of the colourfulness. They do not want to take risks, try to hide their personalities behind the greys, need loneliness. But according to some people, our getting used to this new norm is only a matter of time. That is why Karen Haller is not pessimistic. Our colours will come back; some have never lost. For your information: It is possible to see the colour palette of 12 categorized colours predicted by the famous company WGSN for 2016, consulting trends and brands at web site. The predicted 12 colours consisting of camomile yellow from Retro pink show a calm colour palette.



1-Berry Colour by Graciela Churba 

2- A Convertable Dining Table. Convertible in just seconds, the Fusion table transforms a design dining table in a high quality billiard or game table. ‘Dining Pool Table’ is an elegant dining table and a high quality billiard table at the same time… FUSIONTABLES by Aramith

3- Chairs and more Chairs and More Characterized by a harmonious combination of curved lines and rounded elements, the overall style is new and playful. The colors are also soft and contemporary. Also they are suitable for using in different places; multifunctional.

4- Inclass is a versatile, elegant and timeless collection created by European designer.

5- Blastation Friendly and inviting. Blastation launched the first Dundra chair, bar stool and bar chair in 2011, and now they’re adding a stackable sofa, an armchair and a stackable stool. The series has also gained upholstered armrests that can be fitted to the sofa, easy chair, chair and bar chairs.

6- Sé London, Sé London at London Design Week with showy sizes and soft colours presents desired textures with a perfect approach.

7- inclass Sui by Carlos Tiscar- Designed by Carlos Tíscar, SUI is a collection of versatile tables with a pure design that together with the wide range of sizes, finishes and accessories available is able to offer versatility of use in all kinds of public and private spaces. The SUI tables are entirely manufactured with an aluminium frame that makes them light but sturdy and corrosion resistant at the same time. The system allows all different-sized tables to be created, from small side tables to large format work and meeting tables.

8-Babylon Minaret; Martin Huxford Studio

9- Julius Chair; Carlyle Collective

10- Sagal Sagal Group  is a UK owned, family run business working closely with their factories to create furniture that offers solutions for commercial spaces to thrive. Aesthetics, Function, Quality and Environment



Another place should be seen besides 100%Design at London Design Week is Designjunction held on September 24-27th. Designjunction will be at 2 central points at the heart of the design; Central Saint Martin College and Victoria House.

Designjunction always presents the most elite designs. While the most famous, the most contemporary design brands using the high technology and the launches of the products of these brands will be at College, Victoria House in Southampton is the most exciting and having the most elite boutiques and pop-up shops such as, Richard Brendon, HEAL’S, Skultuna, Larsson & Jennings, Design Museum Shop, Design K, Native Union, Uniform Wares, Cherchbi, Dyke & Dean, Artful Project, HAM, Plantation, Floor Story, Outline Editions, VOID Watches, Octaveo, One We Made Earlier, Link, Melin Tregwynt, Rokos, Kangan Arora, Korridor, Laura Spring, Gilly Langton Jewellery. The region includes places pledging us to buy jewelery, stationery, limited edition art works and leather accessories.


If you have chance to visit London Design Week, it will be very difficult to choose presents for you and your loved ones among the designs at Victoria House B1 within the scope of London Design Week. The vases designed by the artist Alicja Patanowska living in London attracted my attention. “Plantations” uses hidroponic system for planting without soil. I would bring one of the vases that are elegant designed by Alicja Patanowska working on glass and porcelain spesifically to my house.



VOID Watches was originally launched in 2008 by Swedish designer David Ericsson. What started as a side project to a career in design and engineering turned into a full time job and eventually a small company. Our watches not only tell time, they also tell the story of turning ideas into reality. We want our watches to inspire, not only by how they look but by what they represent; the drive to always create and always improve.

Simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy, a philosophy strongly rooted in our Swedish heritage. We prefer simple shapes and use materials that are best suited for the purpose. We pay attention to the details and we never compromise on quality. In astronomy, voids are the empty spaces between filaments, the largest structures in the Universe, that contain few, or no, galaxies. Voids typically have a diameter of 40 to 500 million light years, so large that we can’t even begin to grasp their vastness.

In this they are similar to the concept of time, something that is always present but not to be seen or touched, only to be measured.It is possible to buy Void Watces via Pomstore.

Plantations by Alicja Patanowska
Plantations by Alicja Patanowska

The PLANTATION was established because of the need to find a remarkable, almost symbolic use of what has been abandoned. The result is a porcelain object that rests in a common glass and which allows the observation of the growing process of plants, both its stem as well its root. Alicja Patanowska works at her workshop inLondon, the glass and porcelain factories in Italy and Poland. Plantations let the user observe the whole process of the plant’sgrowing thanks to the hydroponic system principles.

Mona and Flute Lucie Koldova for Brokis
Mona and Flute Lucie Koldova for Brokis

My favourite one among the lightings at Lightjunction is Mona by Czechs designer Lucie Koldova for Czech brand Brokis. Brokis Flute which is the latest design of the designer as its name seems like an elegant glass flute. Although Brokis Flute designed for the places like hotels, restaurants and offices was presented at Euroluce 2015 for the first time will be enthral at London Design Week as an elegant lighting unit with its flexibility from 0 to 30 degrees angle.

HONEY by Italian designer Raffaella Mangiarotti for Serralunga
HONEY by Italian designer Raffaella Mangiarotti for Serralunga

One of the most remarkable lighting units leaving its mark on 2015 is HONEY designed by Italian designer Raffaella Mangiarotti living in Milan for the Italian brand Serralunga. HONEY is a portable LED lighting presenting a mysterious and romantic atmosphere for outdoor use. It is possible to bring no matter where you want!


Dub Pendants designed by Michael Young for Hong Konger brand EOQ. The Dub pendants are the newest addition to the lighting range. Starting with the same raw extrusion we have sculpted much softer forms by removing a lot more aluminium material. This allows us to encase the resultant space in beautiful hand blown glass from the Czech Republic. The Glass shades are packed separately enabling you to create your own colour combinations of glass and aluminium.

Öne çıkan bir diğer aydınlatma elemanı da ilk defa bu sene Stokholm Mobilya Fuarı’nda görücüye çıkan Örsjö Pepple.
Another prominent lighting unit is Örsjö Pepple first seen at Stockholm Furniture Fair this year.


The designs created by developed wood techniques and awarded 2015 wood awards as part of the events will be exhibited 100% Design stants. Alpha Chair which is the quintessence of wood craftsmanship in terms of the high technology used and Split Chairs-the harmony of design and high-tech designed by Arik Levy for TON evoke admiration.




Decorex taking place Syon Park between September 20th – 23rd is hosting luxurous brands having classical lines from wallpaper to textile. Also, “Future Heritage” Exhibition Hall presents selected designs from Contemporary British Craftsmanship to the collectioners under the leadership of Design critic Corinne Julius. The selection of Corinne who is the expert of choosing designs for future is highly crowded this year. There are names interested in metal craftsmanship such as David Clarke, Tanya Gomez, Shelley James, Elanor Lakelin, Katharine Morling, Rita Parniczky, Merete Rasmussen, Marcin Rusak, Andrea Walsch, Chenbo Shi

Paper Furniture Designs ‘Aliens from the Undergrowth” by Chinese designer Chenbo Shi
Paper Furniture Designs ‘Aliens from the Undergrowth” by Chinese designer Chenbo Shi


David Clarke is approved as the most innovative silversmith in England. Contemporary artist designs attractive objects proving jewelery renaissance. Award winng artist Clarke has been curating various installations and exhibitions in England, Germany and Sweden.

Tent London


Tent London will host 250 independent young designers taking place at Old Truman Beer FActory between September 24-27th. This year, Dulux- an Aksonobel Organization paint expert will playing host of Tent London and will be exhibiting 2016 colour trends. The event consisting 450 participants from 29 countries with pavilions of different countries and on the first day Patrizia Moroso and Ron Arad will make speeches. This year, Rezzan Hasoglu will show the hand blown lightings with Çeşm-i Bülbül technique for the first time.


Trend: Do we really need another chair? Yes actually!

The designers from all over the world with their new materials, production techniques and styles will show their challenging and exciting recent designs in order to affirm this reply aloud at Tent and Super Brands London.


Bernardita Marambia Design Studio Marambio reinvents the nature of the material by combining recycled materails in orer to be used again and interesting production techniques.

Ecco Chair Ecco Chair by Red Dot awarded designer Andrea Borgogni lets the user a slow swinging with its steel tube rungs.

Lars Beller Fjetland, Equal Chair  It’s the meeting between industrial strength and nature’s own untameable force that lock the Equal chair together in this unexpected marriage between industrial and traditional craftsmanship. A single screw seals it all off, the ever expanding and retracting wood in the tight grip of a single, seamless piece of cast metal. Strong relationships between objects – as with people – are often characterized by complete opposites. One parts urge to expand and retract and the stillness and stability of the other. The result is harmony. This is how ash and cast aluminium are united in the Equal chair.

Laura Kishimoto, Yumi Chair Yumi Chair The Yumi chair is the result of an ongoing exploration of creating form through a combination of the designer’s conscious aesthetic decisions and the will of the material. I determined the progression of the form by building upon the preceding curves.

Veronica Wesolowski Be whatever you want! Become socialized or enjoy the loneliness with April Chair.

Vidó Nóri Pixel Chair is a design showing the desigers problem solving capacity and information.

Munna Soft&Creamy sofa reflects the Portuguese Company Munna’s traditional techniques and creative innovation.

8:Tool, Tartu Art College TThe Leelo chair by Marika Kuusik & Mari Korgesaar reflects the freshness of spring with bamboo viscose in green upholstery.

Tokio Distinctive forms and a surprising use of materials are among the main features of the Ming product family. Made of EPP-expanded polypropylene, the lightweight Ming chair and stool are ideal elements for playing with as you develop your interior design. They come in a variety of colors. Ming products are also environmentally friendly. Not only are they 100% recyclable, but CO2 is actually consumed rather than emitted during the manufacturing process of raw material.

To sum up briefly, the heart of the design will be London with incredibly rich and extensive events that are not possible to follow one by one especially for those who will experience it for the first time…

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