Look At The Shelves Carefully, What Do You See?

These shelves designed by the inspiration of Gestalt  principle are admired. The shelves bringing Gestalt psychology to the living spaces and suggesting that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” are more than the modules provides storage space within but also between the modules: Modular Shelves.


The edging of the modules designed by Reinier de Jong  generates a superimposed visual pattern of its own emphasizing the entirety of the configuration over the individual modules.


MODULAR is a shelving system with only one type of module but it presents  a multitude of possibilities. You can stack the modules vertically, horizontally or both. MODULAR has four possible shelf heights ranging from 24 to 40 cm.

aol-modular-shelves-03 aol-modular-shelves-06 aol-modular-shelves-edges

Each module is 30 x 40 x 30 cm. The space in between the modules depends on the chosen configuration but will be either 18 or 28 cm wide.

Modules are made from solid plywood and finished with an organic linseed oil wax. The edges on both sides are finished with brushed aluminium banding, so there is no difference between front and back side.

aol-modular-shelves-material-01 aol-modular-shelves-material-02


Images: http://www.reinierdejong.com

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