Looks like a vintage dragstar floating on water…

The “wFoil 18 Albatross” is a boat modified to a plane. It uses hydrofoils to fly through water just like a plane uses wings to generate lift in air.
the wFoil hits speed of 80 knots (or over 90 mph), which is more than enough to break speed records in its class.

Bootstrapping aviator and creator Tomaž Zore explains:“I can explain the details, but we would like to set new world speed sailing record and there are others with same intention, too (…)So in general: We transform principles of high speed aerodynamics (transonic speeds) onto the water surface. We are the first one who solved the problem of cavitations with high speed on hydrofoils in that way.”

As of now, the wFoil’s is a still-developing project and the team is self-funded and entirely volunteer. They’re looking for investors, and they’re looking for buyers of their first batch of boats.

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