Lounge of Layers; More Comfortable Than “One” Cushion

Is there anything softer, more comfortable than a cushion? Yes, more than one cushion. Lounge Of Layers designed by Katrin Greiling for Droog is a stack of cushions is stitched together to make a sandwich of shades, available in various colour sets. Lounge of Layers has two versions –with or without a backrest – and eight different colour options.

About Studio Greiling

Studio Greiling , is a Stockholm based office, dedicated to furniture design, interior architecture and photography, founded by Katrin Greiling in 2005.

Combining these activities gives the office a wide perspective within each project, embracing the tasks from various directions.
In order to see other projects of Katrin Greiling,who has experienced her global exploration since the graduation in 2005 thanks to the clients in Africa, China, the Middle East, Japan, Indonesia and Europe, please visit the website.

droog_lounge_of_layers_00_b droog_lounge_of_layers_00_c droog_lounge_of_layers_00_f

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