Loure Prouvot Won The Turner Prize

The most prestigious, given to modern art and is discussed every year, The Turner Prize, was given to French installation artist Laure Prouvot.

As it is known, Turner Prize is given to a British artist under 50- was born, living or working in the United Kingdom- who judges believe has put on the best exhibition of the last 12 months. The winner was the piece which is about a fictional grandfather who got lost in the hole that he had digged in Africa.The artist was inspired by the habitual expression “Want tea?”. The artist who was really surprised and affected by the prize also took £25.000 prize. David Shrigley, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and Tino Sehgal took £5.000 prize at the same time.

“Wantee” broke new ground because this year, the prizes were given to outside of England. The artist said “I’ve been here so many years and I feel adopted totally now by the UK, thank you.”
Here; the exciting, emotional and natural moments:

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