Love is all we need: Anne Black

Anne Black  is a Danish designer, who is creating classical porcelain products with a unique contemporary look. She is educated as ceramicist and based in Copenhagen. Her products are created outside of Hanıi in Vietnam, in a workshop which has been developed together with DANIDA, the oficial Danish institute of development.

Her collection is recognized by its clean, simple forms and delicat, understated graphical decorations that defines Anne’s design language. A language which clearly shows the Scandinavian design tradition to which Anne belongs.

Each product is carefully crafted by hand in innovative shapes and with a rich variety of decorations, which all add up to an intimate and personal porcelain collection.

Ruth m: A miss Dotty and anne black recipe… Elements: Brightening Anne’s signature forms with new fashionable colors.

Handles+hooks: Porcelain mushrooms, fresh fantasies for your home.

Love jewellery: Love is all you need. Stone jewellery: Smooth, organic porcelain shapes formed from castings of stones found along the stone of the North Sea in Denmark.

Hay black: 4 vases in 4 colors, with a number of decorations, one by one kind of unique like trademarks of an artist.

Tilt: tilt is 5 bowls and 3 plates in 5 colors it is functional pieces with straight red lines and shapes that tilts. Flower jewellery: if you roll 5 soft porcelain balls by hand, put them together and press them flat, there you have a flower and a bouquet.

Black is blue: Black is blue is classical, porcelain with hand painted flowers, Anne wanted to express that beauty come from the inside. Circle: Circle is flowers with circles ear rings, ear pins, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and the world goes around. Seam: Seam, is Anne’s first collection, imagine the soft clay and sewing stitches, the result after fine is seam.

Her collection consists of a wide rande of home products such as vases, bowls, cups as well as jewellery and can be found in selected fashion and interior design shops  around the world.

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